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Zilliqa sentiment is down with 102602 interactions.

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Sentiment score is 74 out of 100, and it's based on the number of positive, negative and neutral mentions of $ZIL on social media.

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102602 unique individuals are talking about Zilliqa and it is in most mentions and activity from collected posts. In the last 24 hours, across all social media platforms, Zilliqa has an sentiment score of 74 out of 100.

On Twitter, people are mostly bearish about Zilliqa. Trend were down about Zilliqa. These sentiments are based on 3293 tweets.

On Reddit, Zilliqa was mentioned in 207 Reddit posts and there were 198 interactions about Zilliqa. On average, there were more upvotes compared to downvotes on Reddit posts and more upvotes compared to downvotes on Reddit comments.

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Social media posts

Oliver Bell

Just arrived in paradise. Going to have a productive day today. Will start replying to emails and messages that I’ve accumulated recently. $BTC $ZIL $XRP $ETC $SWTH $NEO

Gudang Kripto

Answer to @willyfeb27 Support #zilliqa #fyp #foryoupage #crypto

Oliver Bell

Hi haha thank you. It’s Testnet 2.0 end of this month not main net $ZIL

Helios Hyperion

@MartiniGuyYT $ZIL LIQA 2.0 and $CKB is the best!


Hi there $zil hope you’re almost ready.

Thotoshi.zil 

#Zilliqa fam only want one thing

Crypto Never Sleeps

ZILLIQA: TOP CRYPTO TO BUY 2024! Zilliqa 2.0 NEWS 2024! ZIL Token Price Potential

Thotoshi.zil 

$zil 5% ⬆️

Oliver Bell

And yes I will let you know when I sell $ZIL. I can imagine it completely causing a huge dump 😂

The Cryptomist

$ZIL Up 20% from couple days ago. Broke out pennant successfully. Next target 1594 followed by 1640. Raising stop loss too 1524. Signs of a hidden bullish div as we see lower low upon RSI and higher low on charts. Currently closing above 55 EMA on 4hr


Tonight I sold all of my $RVN, $ZIL, $ATOM, $Theta, $NEO, $ENJ, $ADA & $TRX to re-enter $MATIC 🚀 Dear God and Universe bless me with this move of mine. 🙏 “I love money and money loves me.”

yhubieejohnson 🌍 | $Kaldi

@TWC_HRSE @HRSEmeme @zilliqa Let's go


Soon... 🐨 #NFT

Crypto4light Market

ZIL Price Prediction. Zilliqa 2.0 and last dump

Unusual Upbit Volume Bot

Unusual volume detected in 1h chart: $ZIL - $0.01735 (-0.40%) Upbit: Average 50 1h volume: 3 Million Last: 8 Million Percent change: 163.26% 🔥 Binance: Average 50 1h volume: 5 Million Last: 5 Million Percent change: -1.05% Funding rate: 0.00010000


@CryptoWizardd What abut $zil bro ?


@CaptToblerone $ZIL? Seriously? A dead coin from 2018 I think you want to pump your own bags… Why dont you investigate and chart the real deals for this cycle like $WTK $ORDS $AGC $DAG

House of Chimera

Updated onepager: @zilliqa 2.0 🔹Zilliqa 2.0 introduces X-shards, customizable blockchain instances enhancing scalability and interoperability by processing transactions in parallel and tailored to specific needs. $ZIL


$ZIL - A speculative idea. Not financial advice.

The Cryptomist

$ZIL Nice confirmation of breakout from yesterdays chart. Bull flag forming. Nice bounce of mid rsi on 4hr where we also sit above 55 EMA

Zilliqa Discovery

@dom_lucre Wtf 😡


Fuck the bears 🐻 $zil #zilliqa

Oliver Bell

Based on this and other recent announcements for Zilliqa I believe the announcement on the 23rd must be huge $ZIL $ICX $ETH $NEO $WAN

Jasper $XCAD

Lots of people are using the platform over 18,000 hold $DON and there are over 15,000 daily active users. Stay tuned for more updates at @XcademyOfficial. $BNB $XCAD $PEPE $ZIL

Thotoshi.zil 

#Zilliqa  Before Halving After Halving

Oliver Bell

Still looking forward to the $ZIL event today despite $BTC falling. Livestream from 11am UK time (I think)

One Intent

$ZILUSD $ZIL Deploying my capital into Zilliqa. Make sure you are following so you don't miss any updates.

Oliver Bell

Watch the Zilliqa event live here: $ZIL $BTC $ETH


@Tezza711 Yep. I am heavy into $ZIL.

Oliver Bell

Market is still looking good. I'm still ultra bullish on $ZIL & $WAN. Started looking at ICO's again, will post a few i'm interested in and why shortly. Also looking at micro cap coins, if you have any, shill them to me (Some of you already have) $ICX $BTC $ETH $XRP $NEO ...

Oliver Bell

Debating dumping my $WAN for $ZIL. I’m starting to get the vibe I got off $ICX before it crashed when I sold around $9.80 🤔 anyone else feeling like the hype is dying? (Wan tech wise isn’t that special to me it’s just overhyped)

Thotoshi.zil 

$zil #zilliqa

Oliver Bell

3 days ago I could afford a Lambo.. now I can’t even afford a fiat 500. Only in crypto 😂 $BTC $ETH $ZIL $WAN $ICX


Zilliqa is now integrated with @FireblocksHQ, opening the door to digital asset heavyweights by enabling enterprise-grade investors to transact and manage $ZIL! This integration marks a key step on our journey to expanding access to Zilliqa's EVM-compatible ecosystem. Read more: #Zilliqa...

Oliver Bell

Can someone please tell me why Dogecoin is still alive? Who invests in this bollocks. (320m Market Cap wtf) Just shows how much more the market needs to mature. $DOGE $BTC $ETH $ICX $ZIL $XRP $TRX


@Tezza711 One worry is the larger amount of crypto out there this cycle which drains liquidity. $ZIL got to get more awareness and hope its efforts in the US pay off.


$zil #zil #zilliqa #ZilPepe 🐸

Zilliqa Discovery


Octopus Paul

@MattDDyer @zilliqa @Zoltan_Fazekas Decrease supply !

The Winners Circle

@HRSEmeme @zilliqa Read more about him in our announcement blog:

Zilliqa Discovery

@brixwe What are they going to do? investigate themselves 😂 It's like asking the murderer to investigate his own murder 😂


We're thinking outside the blocks with this one. Saddle up because we're only getting started!! $HRSE $ZIL 🚀

master steve chuks | $BTCFANS

@TWC_HRSE @HRSEmeme @zilliqa More than ready

Oliver Bell

Come on $BTC need you to bounce here for tomorrow’s $ZIL event

Zilliqa Discovery

@MarioNawfal He's scared because he was ordered to do it so the elites could cover something up 👍


The $XCAD Creator Token Exchange is a significant milestone and I am eager to see how it fosters the V2 ecosystem. The continued user growth is a positive indicator and $XCAD positioning as a leading dApp is well deserved. Read More Bellow👇 $BNB #XCAD $PEPE $ZIL

Lee the Captain

Zilliqa : $1 Bull Run Realistic? | Zilliqa ZIL Price Prediction


@Shorea_sg It has been live for few months now I think. Built to bridge FPS token from BSC to Zilliqa & now HRSE also can be bridged through it.

Kalijo | DeFi Made Easy

🌱 Buyback 65 🌱 2563 $SEED was purchased using 18950 $ZIL We have now bought back and burned 178800 $SEED

The Winners Circle

PSA - CMC New Token listing request 1. Ticket Number 952755 2. CMC Dexscan URL #TWC $HRSE #Zilliqa #CMC

Oliver Bell

Really impressed with $ZIL today they say they achieved > 10k TPS. Great update from them, one of the only teams in this space to consistently hit deadlines too. Genuinely cannot wait for main net. Been here with $ETH and $NEO before and I just know what’s going to happen.. 💣💥

Krishna Dahal

.@ZilPepeMemecoin's Meme-Factory will be associated with AI subnet of @communeaidotorg Produce highly effective AI memes and generate incentives. become a miner, memer or validator? We have some #Bittensor vali and miners joining this. I wish #Zilliqa embrace meme culture.


Bullish on $XCAD 🔥🔥🚀 Strong utility, a great community and backing from big names like MrBeast and KSI. This project has all the ingredients for success💯 #XCAD $BNB $XCAD $PEPE $ZIL


$ZIL shows promising potential from a long-term perspective. Currently, it appears to be forming a successful swing failure pattern from the bear market lows, with the price trading above these levels. Additionally, it is breaking out of a long down-sloping trend. For a bullish continuation, $ZIL needs...


It's finally here! Introducing the whitepaper and roadmap for Zilliqa 2.0 🚀 This evolution of the #Zilliqa network brings ultra-fast transactions, cross-chain dApps, and customisable shards that adapt to your needs. #ZIL2 $ZIL #Zilfam #Blockchain


Great to see $ZIL staking now available on @Bitpanda_global! Start staking now and earn rewards for helping to secure the #Zilliqa network. #Blockchain #Staking #Zilfam


@Grayscale @CoinDesk where's $ZIL?

The Winners Circle

Another place to get $HRSE is @plunderswap! 🪙 Head there now to trade on the @zilliqa network: We're riding to success everywhere! 🐎


#Zilliqa #ZIL2

Zilliqa Portal

@MattDDyer @Zoltan_Fazekas 2 wizards in a room together 🧙‍♂️🧙

oliver norman

$ZIL on the radar, but keep an eye on $BUB could be a game changer! 🚀


$ADA $ERG $ZIL $CRV BUY THE BOTTOM 🚀 I will update again in a few months. #ADA #ERG #ZIL #CRV


Price appreciation often follows increased utility and adoption. While short term price movements may not always reflect announcements, $XCAD focus on building a robust ecosystem is a positive long term indicator. #XCAD $BNB $XCAD $PEPE $ZIL

Oliver Bell

$BTC looking good, $ZIL looking great, Time for a beer. Just want to say thank you all for trusting me and following me on my calls, including Zilliqa even when it was getting rekt. Believe I was the first to call it, hard to trust a random guy online so thx. 🚀🍻

House of Chimera

What are the key features of @Zilliqa 2.0? 🔹Each x-shard operates independently, improving transaction throughput and reducing latency 🔸Native account abstraction allowing advanced user features like daily limits and whitelisted recipients


This Custom Computer Earns Passive Income By Plugging Into Any Outlet!


We added @zilliqa for staking on Bitpanda. You can now stake your $ZIL for up to 8% APY! Learn more:


Great news for #Zilliqa!! @AbraGlobal, a heavyweight in digital asset services, has acquired a Zilliqa trust as part of a larger crypto trust deal. It’s great to see Zilliqa included in the deal. Abra, known for serving institutions, private clients, and crypto firms, will expose Zilliqa to a wider...


Previsão de preço: Zilliqa pronto para alta de mais de 20% aponta analista


#Jasper #ZIL2 #ZQ2 #Zilliqa $ZIL


New heights achieved! 67 million transactions on @zilliqa! 🎉 In addition, the total number of staked ZIL has surged by an impressive 13.7M, demonstrating the growing confidence and commitment of #ZilFam. Learn more about $ZIL staking here:


Zilliqa (ZIL) is live on @OKXAustralia for spot trading! Time to buy, sell, and trade ZIL with ease in Australia 🦘🪃Let's go! A big step for Zilliqa adoption Down under. #Zilliqa #Zil2 $ZIL #Cryptocurrency #Australia

FXStreet Crypto

Zilliqa price poised for a rally on positive on-chain data; bullish technical indicators – by @cryptochhetri #Zilliqa #CryptoCurrencies #Technical Analysis

The Winners Circle

Meet @HRSEmeme - our new CRO (Chief Running Officer)! 🐴 @Zilliqa bought him... we hired him. The HRSE Horse will represent the TWC community on the racetrack and in the boardroom. We're the first dApp to have an animal on the executive team (we think). Maybe there's a reason for that...


xBridge? #zilliqa #zilfam #ZIL

OKX Australia

New Listing Alert 🚨 🇦🇺 ⬛ $ZK // @zksync ⬛ $MKR // @makerDAO ⬛ $INJ // @injective ⬛ $ZIL // @zilliqa Spot trading is now open for AU users!


Just for starters. Let's catch #vechain $vet #vet $zil #zil #zilliqa #jasper #ZilPepe 🐸

Thotoshi.zil 

$ZIL $1

Andre Greystone Channel

Analisa Kripto - Apakah token Brett next Pepe? Zilliqa sudah upgrade tapi belum banyak pergerakan

H.E. Justin Sun 孙宇晨

Looking forward to #TRX Trust being traded on the public market soon; this will be a significant breakthrough for the entire #TRON ecosystem.👏

About Zilliqa

What Is Zilliqa (ZIL)?

Zilliqa is a public, permissionless blockchain that is designed to offer high throughput with the ability to complete thousands of transactions per second. It seeks to solve the issue of blockchain scalability and speed by employing sharding as a second-layer scaling solution. The platform is home to many decentralized applications, and as of October 2020, it also allows for staking and yield farming.

Development work officially started on Zilliqa in June 2017, and its testnet went live in March 2018. A little over a year later, in June 2019, the platform launched its mainnet.

The native utility token of Zilliqa, ZIL, is used to process transactions on the network and execute smart contracts.

Who Are the Founders of Zilliqa?

Zilliqa was first conceived by Prateek Saxena, an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore School of Computing. Saxena and several students in the School of Computing published a paper in 2016 that outlined how a sharding-focused blockchain could improve network efficiency and speed.

Around the same time, Saxena co-founded Anquan Capital alongside Max Kantelia, a lifelong finance and tech entrepreneur, and Juzar Motiwalla, former president of the Singapore Computer Society. The company incorporated Zilliqa Research in June 2017 to develop the Zilliqa network, bringing on Dong Xinshu as its CEO, Yaoqi Jia as its chief technology officer and Amrit Kumar as its chief scientific officer. All three previously worked as research fellows at the NUS School of Computing.

What Makes Zilliqa Unique?

Zilliqa claims to be the world's first public blockchain to rely entirely on a sharded network. This allows it to achieve high throughput and a high rate of transactions per second, which it says solves the scalability issue. Because each shard processes transactions individually, as the network grows and the number of shards increases, the number of transactions that can be processed per second also increases. As well, records are immediately added to the Zilliqa blockchain after being processed, meaning that no additional time for confirmation is required.

Zilliqa seeks to become the blockchain of choice for large-scale enterprise use, including among the advertising, gaming, entertainment and financial services and payments industries. In its 2018 position paper, its team states that the platform "aims to rival traditional centralized payment methods such as VISA and MasterCard."

Both Anquan Capital and Zilliqa Research, the company responsible for developing Zilliqa, hold significant reserves of ZIL.

As of 2021, the Zilliqa network is an active network that runs over millions of transactions each month. The blockchain has also been constantly scaling, going from averaging over 900 blocks produced a day when its main net launched to presently producing over 2500 blocks a day.

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How Many Zilliqa (ZIL) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Zilliqa has a fixed maximum supply of 21 billion tokens. ZIL was first made available for sale as an ERC-20 token as a part of a token generation event that concluded in January 2018. The tokens were subsequently transferred to the Zilliqa mainnet in a token-swap event that concluded in February 2020.

Before launching, Zilliqa generated 60% of all tokens (12.6 billion ZIL) to be distributed at the token generation event, and the remaining 40% (8.4 billion ZIL) will be created through the mining process. Ten percent of all tokens (2.1 billion ZIL) were reserved for Anquan Capital, 12% (2.52 billion ZIL) for Zilliqa Research, and 5% for contemporary and future Zilliqa team members — all of which were announced to be distributed quarterly over a three-year period.

Zilliqa is designed such that all tokens will be mined within 10 years, with the block mining reward slowly decreasing. According to its whitepaper, the project aims to have 80% of the tokens (16.8 billion ZIL) mined within the first four years and 20% (4.2 billion ZIL) in the remaining six years.

How Is the Zilliqa Network Secured?

The Zilliqa network is secured through a practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance, or pBFT, consensus protocol, meaning that at least two-thirds of all nodes must agree that a record is accurate in order for it to be added to the blockchain. Each Zilliqa blockchain shard relies on a group of nodes to confirm a subsection of all the transactions, and once each shard has reached a consensus, a second group of nodes confirms the shards' collective results and adds a new block to the blockchain.

The network uses elliptic-curve cryptography to secure its consensus protocol and allows for multisignatures. In addition to the pBFT consensus protocol that secures its transaction records, Zilliqa also uses a proof-of-work algorithm to assign node identities and generate shards.

Zilliqa developed a new language, Scilla, for its smart contracts. Short for Smart Contract Intermediate-Level Language, Scilla is a safety-focused language intended to automatically identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities at the language-level and make it easier to formally verify the safety of smart contracts through mathematical proofs.

Where Can You Buy Zilliqa (ZIL)?

Zilliqa's native token, ZIL, is listed on several major cryptocurrency exchanges — including Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex and Bithumb — where it is available to be traded against fiat currencies, stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Are you interested in buying ZIL or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC)? CoinMarketCap has a simple, step-by-step guide to teach you all about crypto and how to buy your first coins.

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