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SmartCash sentiment is down with 911 interactions.

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Sentiment score is 68 out of 100, and it's based on the number of positive, negative and neutral mentions of $SMART on social media.

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911 unique individuals are talking about SmartCash and it is in most mentions and activity from collected posts. In the last 24 hours, across all social media platforms, SmartCash has an sentiment score of 68 out of 100.

On Twitter, people are mostly bearish about SmartCash. Trend were down about SmartCash. These sentiments are based on 197 tweets.

On Reddit, SmartCash was mentioned in 5 Reddit posts and there were 5 interactions about SmartCash. On average, there were more upvotes compared to downvotes on Reddit posts and more upvotes compared to downvotes on Reddit comments.

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The 25th is coming! This month SmartRewards will be +- 3.10% for SmartCash Hodlers. I'm happy with that! I'm Even Happier knowing SmartCash just added 2.5 Millions Merchants! Awesome! @scashofficial #altcoins #altcoin #Crypto Visit to learn more.

S H I T U 🗯️

Another #SMART Weekend at the University of Education, Winneba Campus. #SmartCash 🇬🇭🔥🔥🔥@scashofficial @Decentralizd @SmartcashBranch @SmartCashLATAM @Smart_Outreach


Finally, after a hard work we announce the v1.0.3 of BeeHive 🐝. The @scashofficial decentralized and offline platform with wallet, chat and much more . Download now:

Miranda Renee Webb

Did you know you can buy my new book with #cryptocurrency like #SmartCash @scashofficial ? You can, SmartCash and a few other crypto options!


#SmartCash sous la neige. Nous sommes en route pour #Quebec pour le @salondelacrypto avec @i_teachit @scashofficial #cryptomonnaie #blockchain #crypto


Happy Halloween @scashofficial . Should be an interesting end of October;)

Mises Caucus

19 days until the #takehumanaction bash! @ThomasEWoods @michaelboldin @BobMurphyEcon @_pivx @scashofficial @NorthernTool @ComicDaveSmith @scotthortonshow


Gracias a todxs que asistieron ayer al SmartSunday en North Division Tattoo! @scashofficial @SmartCashLATAM


Our smartcash event was marvelous in Nigeria at the Lagos state university with over 300 participants @scashofficial @SmartCashOz @SmartcashBranch @Crypto_Azuuri @JuicyGrabs @JuicyGrabs @enriquesouza30 @SmartieShop


#SmartCash team is ready for the #blockchain & #Bitcoin Conference in #Paris. @scashofficial #BBConfFrance


As we are still waiting to get added to @BlockfolioApp Signal Beta, please show @scashofficial some support and request a #SmartCash addition within the App! #cryptocurency #crypto #blockchain #blockfolio #blockfoliosignal


After seeing @Decentralizd ride - it makes me want to have one too! I spent the day at a car show and we tried to imagine these Vintage cars as #SmartCash cars. My friends #Chevrolet would make an Awesome @scashofficial Car! 😎


There really has never been an alternative to using a government back currency as a medium of exchange. Thanks to #crypto that is all changing. I talk with @Zaphoid about why crypto is the best sound money & @scashofficial builds on that! #smartcash


Now is the time to take a look at this #smart low cap #altcoin. I am joined by @sylcloutier who gives me the low down on @scashofficial

Naomi Brockwell

Allstar cast from my recent stream live from the Freecoast Festival! @MattPhilipsNH @bevoluntaryist @jeremykauffman @vinarmani @Zaphoid @CarlaGericke, we talk mesh networks, unlawful arrests, @LBRYio, @scashofficial, and the Freestate Project!


SmartCash iOS Wallet

Future of the Nation Rising star

Cheeku Enjoying walker $smart step #babywalker #enjoying #ridingwalker


@GemsofBase $SMART @basesmartwallet - Fair launched from in 17 seconds -DEV burnt his 40% supply

Renu Rajput Smart Value



@scashofficial All done. Come on guys let's get voting. We've got 10,000 twitter followers & 10,000 SmartNodes running, but just 385 votes so far. Lets show everyone what a strong community we are. Vote $SMART Cash on #Binance @binance_2017


Just 10K $SMART is required to run a SmartNode on an incredibly exciting project. That’s about $500. Don’t expect it to stay that cheap for very long.


The collateral amount for TermRewards has been reduced in the latest release of the SmartCash Node Client @coinkit_ give 100 1 $SMART @scashofficial #SmartCash #cryptocurrency #blockchain #cryptocurrencies


TermRewards and SmartRetire: The total number of locked coins is now over 31 million $SMART @coinkit_ give 50 2 $SMART @scashofficial #SmartCash #cryptocurrency #blockchain #cryptocurrencies


SmartCash was elected the number 1 in popular voting; we are already finalists of Award 2018 in the crypto category. Now lets let the judges decide. $smart @scashofficial @criptofacil  #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchain


SmartCash left great footprints in my hometown in Venezuela.. it is time to redo this and keep building $smart stories with @scashofficial


Please update to version 1.0.1 This is mandatory upgrade. Upgrade before transacting. #SmartCash $Smart


I personally don't use @krakenfx for couple reasons, but their PR team definitly deserves a rise in salary! #cryptocurrencies #crypto #smartcash $smart #bitcoin #altcoins


#SmartCash has breached the top 100 within 4 months. Let the gates open. bet you $Smart makes top 50 within 30 days :] $crypto #crypto #alts

Crypto Josh(ua)

The Bull Case for $SMART. Why #SmartCash may be poised to go from $0.01 to $0.10




📢 #SmartMemeTournament 📢 Enter the big #meme tournament from @scashofficial to win $SMART prizes! Round 5⃣ has already started 🔥 Get your memes ready! The theme of the round is #SmartCash and its features: SmartRewards, SmartHive voting, etc. @coinkit_ give 50 5 $SMART

Smart Income $SMART $BC

Did you know that you can pay for VPS hosting in SmartCash $SMART? Choose your plan from a variety of options and pay with $SMART in two clicks! @snelcom Add your business to our merchant directory: @coinkit_ give 10 3 $smart


. @_bitcoiner loves ya ! 🥰 @coinkit_ com 7 1337 $smart #smartcash


More merchants in Costa Rica are adopting SmartCash #SmartCash $smart #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencynews #blockchain


Accept SmartCash at your physical and online establishment without suffering from market volatility! The payment is confirmed instantly, and the money converted at the same minute. @scashofficial @kamoneybrasil #crypto #cryptocurrency $smart @BTCTN @BitcoinCom #Brazil

SmartCash Support

Information on the #SmartCash tipbots and the rogue developer who took them down, stole $Smart tipbot funds, and demanded a ransom to return funds to users:

Nature Photography ™SMILE 😁 Crypto 🏹

∑ #SmartCashTheory🐝 Now i'm Smiling ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Just got my first #SmartRewards today, this is absolutely why I #HODL $SMART for the superb passive income that #SmartCash gives me, just for #HODLing 💯👍 #CryptoTwitter #Investors SmartCash Website ∑ 🌐

Smart Income $SMART $BC

TermRewards and SmartRetire are two new features that are now available to all #SmartCash users. It's similar to a bank deposit. With SmartCash, you can earn a much higher #yealrly #yield depending on the term of locking your coins. @coinkit_ give 6 8 $SMART #crypto #defi #btc


It was nice to see the mention of #SmartCash in great interview with @rogerkver on #NBTV! I enjoyed watching this interesting discussion about #cryptocurrencies and upcoming changes in the crypto world. P.S. Thanks to @BitBacker_io for the opportunity to donate in $SMART 🐝


We've been working intensely on a secret project these past few weeks that could seriously boost demand for $smart and $bc More to come soon. Stay tuned!

SmartAI Labs

$SMART x $XEROAI Get ready for a game-changing collaboration between SmartAI Labs and @xeroai_erc 🤝 @xeroai_erc's groundbreaking ARBP technology meets SmartAI's cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for an unmatched fusion of AI and blockchain. Together, we're revolutionizing...


⚡🔮 Potential Microcap play: $SMART Smart AI 🔹 MarketCap: $1m 🔹 Liquidity: $200k This is a launch via the renowned $PROOF platform. These launches often attract the attention of influential callers right from the start and tend to perform well. The chart is strongly reminiscent of $XEROAI (also ...

Wabi Wabi 🍣

Even in this absolutely terrible market $SMART just keeps working wonders. The $SMART Signal bot detected $SONKE at 200k with its initial launch candle and we all got in at around 100-120k mcap. $SONKE just now hit 1mil mcap within less than 15 minutes 🤯 THIS IS THE POWER OF $SMART 🤖


If you were subbed to the $SMART signal bot, then you caught the clean almost 15x that it identified. Even after the token has retraced you’d still be up 3x. Someone made mention of the bot previously mentioning a rug. These things happen & ML needs to be adjusted & will continue to be ...


TV ad for $smart bed$ reinforced my distaste for any product that has the word smart in the product name.


smartCash (smart) Has Been Funded @scashofficial $smart #MasterNodesPro #MasterNodes #ROI #Bitcoin #Crypto


@cryptoworld202 AI - $TYPE, $SMART, $VIA GameFi - $METAL Staking - $VEC Meme - $REKT, $FARAGE, $TIMMI Rate me pls

izere defi 🖌️

List of coins I still hold and bullish on this bull $DROPS $FEDAI $MORRA $RNGD $MBD $TORO $TOR $BRAI New projects I'm bullish on $PRIQ $SMART


Today @scashofficial turns 4 years old! I'm glad to be part of a team that works hard and am happy to congratulate our community and those who have been with us since the beginning! @coinkit_ give 100 3 $SMART #crypto #SmartCashTurns4 #cryptocurrency

海外避難生活 みさちゃす🇹🇭

欲しい!! I want this!!!!! @scashofficial $SMART


@SmartAI_labs $SMART it’s coming

Crypto Degen

Buying some more @PROOFplatform launches, feel like these are undervalued: $SMART @SmartAI_labs $XEON @XeonProtocol $BUILD @BuildAI_erc $PROOF


Is it over for $SMART?


$SMART looks not well. I switched to $BRNC which is now no.3 on base trending!

SmartAI Labs

Boom Boom Boom! 🚀 Our $SMART signal bot has made another impressive call this early morning! 📈 $KEK was signaled at 163k and soared to an all-time high of 2.55M, delivering a great return of 1400% for our $SMART holders! 💸 This marks a fantastic beginning to our trading competitions, and we eagerly...

Smart Blockchain

💎 $SMART BLOCKCHAIN — the future of fast and secure transactions with digital assets 🔸#SMART in numbers: ☑️Nearly 1M wallets have already been created. ☑️2,000 wallets are created each day. ☑️ More than 50M trx have already been conducted. ☑️ 15 tokens operate on the Smart.


$SMART around 2x after my call , 600k MC touched ✔️ dev , community and meta is pushing , lets see JOIN on tele :@MaybachCalls! #crypto $DUMP #memecoin #SOLANA

SmartAI Labs

To brighten up this beautiful Sunday, we're thrilled to unveil another gem spotted by our $SMART Signal Bot yesterday. $DTOR caught our Signal bot's attention at 52k, and it skyrocketed to an all-time high of 365k, delivering an astonishing 700% return for our $SMART holders. Wishing...

SmartAI Labs

$SMART signal bot just don’t stop! 🎯 Another banger of a call had been mentioned by our $SMART signal bot while looking for an optimal opportunity. $HYPERAI was pinged by our bot at a market cap of 155k. It went parabolic quite immediately and within 3 hours it had risen all the way up to 1.4M! That...


@vivathebull Just the same ones now at discounts. $DFNDR (real product with burns) $SPECT (great AI play early) $PROOF $HMKR $SMART (proof launches) Just find teams that continue to tweet and update for the entire month of April.


Introducing the latest PROOF launch... @SmartAI_labs | $SMART 📈🤖 🔗 ✈️ 📈 About: Experience a new era of trading where advanced AI algorithms transform complex blockchain data into actionable insights. Dive into the world of data-driven trading and make informed decisions with unmatched precision...

Smart Blockchain

🎁 Merry Christmas! 🔸 The $SMART BLOCKCHAIN team sends you the most sincere and kind wishes on this bright holiday.


Join #Bitget External AMA with @SmartFinanceNFT. $1460 in $SMART to Grab! ⌛️ Time: 12 PM UTC | Mar 9 🔥 Venue: ⌛️ Event Period: Mar 9, 12 PM - Mar 12, 12 PM UTC 🔥 Fill out the gleam to join: Details:

Gate Startup

Introduction to Startup $SMART @SmartFinanceNFT 🧷Category: NFT 🧷Advantage: GameFi Vaults, NFT, AI GameFi strategy protocol 📰 More: #gateiostartup


$SMART 2021/12 finansal tabloları açıklandı. Detaylı analiz için: #SMART


Great news to all #smartcash hodlers and to crypto fans - yeah - the market is bleeding but @scashofficial keeps on smarting - you can now Send smartcash through text message to your loved ones - this is what i call 🤙 superb 👏 👏 #blockchain #smartcashTheory #bitcoin #bch #rt


You can now order your SmartCash #SmartNode hosting at Looking forward to a great partnership with @scashofficial.


I just released a complete video guide of TermRewards & SmartRetire. Please consider sharing this video on your social media platforms and let's spread the word about SmartCash @scashofficial

Smart Income $SMART $BC

With a major release of Horizon 2.0, #SmartCash gives users a variety of options for earning rewards. 🐝 SmartRewards and SuperRewards - Weekly Rewards. 🐝 TermRewards and SmartRetire are options for long-term holders. Quarterly Rewards. @coinkit_ give 7 6 $SMART #crypto #defi


The country of Norway now owns #Bitcoin via their sovereign wealth fund's investment in Tesla. This is a historic moment. Norway just became the first country in the world to hodl crypto. @coinkit_ give 1500 1 $SMART #SmartCash #BTC $BTC $TSLA

Monkeycoin Exchange

Anunciamos a nuestros usuarios la reanudacion del servicio de #SmartCash y la adición de nuevos pares SMART/LTC + SMART/ETH @scashofficial $SMART $alts $crypto 😎 / (ENG) SmartCash 1.1 wallets are updated and ready to go! New $LTC and $ETH pairs were enabled! #18Ene #FelizJueves


How to easily buy $smart & activate SmartRewards to get secure, risk free, passive income using our BeeHive platform


@CryptoWizardd AI-driven signals bot (@SmartAI_labs) launched through the @PROOFplatform launchpad. Currently developing an analytics bot and sniping tool also. Sits at a 150K Mcap right now, waiting to explode. Be $SMART.


@CoinRaces Why buy a house when you can buy some Crypto $SMART $RNDX $KBOX $FLOKICEO $HID? 🚀🌙


@SmartAI_labs $SMART is unstoppable

$LUV ❤️‍🔥



Getting flashbacks from December 2017. Time to load up on $SMART cash, helium and $DRGN for one last hurrah.


RT: Have you joined the $BC and $SMART meme tournament yet? Take part and win one of the prizes! All you need to do is just create an original meme. The first round will end on April 20, so hurry up!


@IncomeSharks Looking forward to new developments on @SmartAI_labs $SMART. PROOF launched projects keep on developing.


@ZssBecker AI-driven signals bot (@SmartAI_labs) launched through the @PROOFplatform launchpad. Currently developing an analytics bot and sniping tool also. Sits at a 150K Mcap right now, waiting to explode. Be $SMART.

About SmartCash

SmartCash (SMART) describes itself as a self-funded cryptocurrency that is focused on fast transactions, innovation, and merchant adoption. Users are encouraged to submit proposals to support SmartCash or discuss in Discord or our other social media about new ideas.

  • Name: SmartCash
  • Symbol: SMART
  • Started At: 7/21/2017
  • Mineable
  • Masternodes