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Kaspa sentiment is down with 2103305 interactions.

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Sentiment score is 84 out of 100, and it's based on the number of positive, negative and neutral mentions of $KAS on social media.

EYHH - KRC-20 Token

Limit Per Mint1000
Deploy Time6/25/2024

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2103305 unique individuals are talking about Kaspa and it is in most mentions and activity from collected posts. In the last 24 hours, across all social media platforms, Kaspa has an sentiment score of 84 out of 100.

On Twitter, people are mostly bearish about Kaspa. Trend were down about Kaspa. These sentiments are based on 15037 tweets.

On Reddit, Kaspa was mentioned in 117 Reddit posts and there were 450 interactions about Kaspa. On average, there were more upvotes compared to downvotes on Reddit posts and more upvotes compared to downvotes on Reddit comments.

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πŸ‘€ $KAS #Kaspa


Is @alephium the next @KaspaCurrency for Crypto Miners? I hope so! Kaspa has been an amazing and profit project for me and many others. However, I am a bit skeptical, can Alephium handle this much hashrate introduced to the network at it's current price? Is this sudden price jump natural...

Kaspa Kii

We love Kaspa. We love the Kaspa community. We want to make it a whole lot bigger. 🌍 Join us on July 18th at 12pm GMT as we launch the Kaspa Industrial Initiative (Kii) to help revolutionise industries with Kaspa’s cutting-edge DLT. Exciting times ahead! #Kaspa #Kii $kas

Satoshi Kaspamoto

We sure do $KAS 🀝 $BTC The Nakamoto dream lives.

Mr. Kaspa


Kaspa Whale Alert

🚨 27,969,418 #Kaspa (5,005,351 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

Mr. Kaspa

The octopus emoji for $KAS holders with 1k-10k on is actually a squid Let’s fix this πŸ™

Crypto Galaxy

Optimal portfolio is 80% $KAS 20% others.

KASPA Enthusiast 𐀊

@elonmusk Elon maybe you're starting to find #Kaspa interesting now πŸ˜‰


#Kaspa was created by master minds to turn a new page in crypto and make history. It has a great team and community behind it.πŸ”₯ $KAS #Bitcoinβ€―β€―β€―#Crypto #Ethereum #Altcoins

Honorius π€Šβ‚Ώ Z28.1

I couldn't resist. I bought some more toxic radioactive garbage. $0.177 #Kaspa $KAS @dotkrueger

Triv Exchange

πŸ”₯NEW COINS TO TRADEπŸ”₯ $WEN $ENA $TOKEN $CORE $KAS $ETHFI are now listing on TRIVπŸ™Œ TRIV makin lengkap, siap nemenin bull run kamu!πŸ˜†πŸš€


We haven’t done this in a while: πŸ‘‡ What's your favorite altcoin for the upcoming bull market? #MASSA #AZERO #KASPA #ENTANGLE


Unfollow anyone who calls or has called $KAS a scam. They aren't your friend. @saylor @MarathonDH @KaspaCurrency

CΠ„Π„J𖀍Ч |β—ˆ|β‚Ώ

@cryptomanran Bullish on $ALPH The Bitmain news is a game changer, just like it was for $KASPA Definitely keeping an eye on this one

Early Retirement GemπŸ’ŽHunter

Davinci one of the most well known $BTC Whales who was begging people to invest in BTC back in 2013 is ONCE AGAIN betting ALL IN on $KAS our favorite #100x πŸ’Ž

Kaspa Whale Alert

🚨 28,269,418 #Kaspa (5,059,039 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet


@saylor @21JCLP Bullish on #Kaspa


And he <3's $KAS @KaspaCurrency

Crypto Chrys


Christian Ludwig

Paying attention yet anon? $KAS

The.Stella.Verse 🌏

Hey @saylor, nudge nudge, I πŸ’š $KAS too. 🍏 #FridayVibes


$KAS It is digital art. Da Vinci made Mona Lisa, Superior minds made #Kaspa. #Bitcoin #Crypto #Ethereum #Altcoins

Rabid Mining

ALPH The New Kaspa Rush? #alephium #alph #kaspa

KaspaFacts 𐀊

226 small outputs. #KRC20 testing on $KAS mainnet? 1.2 seconds For 1/60 of a penny #Kaspa

Captain Sats 𐀊

And again $kas #kaspa

Mango Dashboard

KASUSDT: 12hr Trend: Bullishβœ… 12hr Volatility: blueπŸ”΅ #KAS $KAS Find more trending coins at


Today we're announcing that we have been actively mining Kaspa. Diversification has been key to our investments in energy solutions and tech innovations, and it remains crucial in our digital asset compute operations. Read the full press release:


ALPH the new Kaspa? my $12k AL box looking worse and worse lol

Pace Crypto (🫡,🀑)

@AlwaysBeenChoze $KAS Will Be Top 5


Empires rise and fall. The dollars days as the world's money are numbered. What will replace the dollar? The ONLY cryptocurrency that allows for mass adoption and self custody on PoW. The Trilemma solver. #Kaspa isn't just the fastest horse - it's the only one in the race...


I've been calling this for a long time, it will get obliterated $kas is a powder keg and the second a tier 1 listing with deep liquidity arrives its over.


#Kaspa has reached the hashrate of 500 PH/s πŸš€


The hub for $kas - see you soon

Jim, S𐀊i β‚Ώum ⛷️

Good morning $KAS #RainbowChart


πŸ”₯For #kaspa, global adoption means going beyond common currency use. It's exciting to see this kind of energy and innovation! Kaspa meets Industry. #RealWorldUse $KAS #DYOR


Finally hit 200k Kaspa. Thank you gpus and asics πŸš€ . Still holding strong πŸ‘Š #Kaspa $kas


If you invested in $KAS anticipating new tech and enhanced security, now is the moment to celebrate a significant milestone. The hashrate exceeding the price ratio indicates network growth and improved security, reflecting one of the healthiest metrics in crypto mining ⛏️

Greater Good Mining

Ok you degenerates, now you have a different shiny object to chase. Start buying Alephium ASIC's instead of Kaspa ASIC's lol $KAS $ALPH

KaspaFacts 𐀊

#Kaspa hashrate continues to climb. Mining hashrate requires capital expenditure and operating expenses. Spending money on the machines that hash(ASICs) and the electricity to run them. Miners are betting big that the price of $KAS will continue to climb.

HoveR 𐀊🦈

What news just dropped for $KAS?

Christian Ludwig

Mood $BTC $KAS

Mr. Kaspa

Well it looks like @Davincij15 is mega bullish on $KAS after all

Kaspa Whale Alert

🚨 26,969,418 #Kaspa (4,826,312 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

Crypto Phoenix

Great thread on possible $KAS adoptions also in context of of the new industrial initiative. I think it’s pretty interesting how fast $KAS outgrew the digital silver narrative into a chain with potential global adoption for payment and business applications.

Psychologist of Chart

$kas is progressing in accordance with the fractal I shared before. Approaching the ramp for takeoff. #kaspa

Nick 𐀊

This man tries stealing your $KAS. Wyd?

Jim, S𐀊i β‚Ώum ⛷️

Hey @saylor. Take a bite. 🍏 $KAS is the next once in a decade opportunity.


@0xCoolPanda $Stamp $Utxo #SRC20 $Kaspa $ATH $XAI $ULTI

Michael Sutton

#Kaspa hero @DesheShai spotted on a bus like an ordinary person with a weird 𐀊 on his t-shirt $kas

Kaspa Kii

Today's global IT failure is a wake-up call: the world needs ultra-secure, decentralised networks like Kaspa. It's time to say goodbye to centralised vulnerabilities and hello to the future of enterprise solutions built on Kaspa. This is what Kii will be focusing on. #kaspa #kaspakii...

AndrΓ©a Bensaid

@christi61026749 Hello, I know you've been supporting $KAS for a long time, but what do you think of $TARA? πŸ€“ Can we say if $KAS is $BTC, then $TARA could be $ETH? πŸ™„ Thx for your Time.

Red Panda Mining

BITMAIN AL1 and ICERIVER Alephium Miner... RIP Goldshell?

Captain Sats 𐀊

And again $kas #kaspa

BlackStars | Crypto News

🚨 JUST IN: $PONKE ( @ponkesol ) flips $BRETT , $MANA and $KAS in 24 hour trading volume $PONKE #PONKEARMY


#kaspa #KAS Red candle is short and the bottom line is long.πŸŸ₯ Will it turn into a green candle this month?🟩 Or will it fly off to $0.5 next month? I'm looking forward to it ✨✨✨

Michael Sutton

The days before Shai's Kaspa world tour


10β€˜s only season after this cycle, $TAO, $KAS, $SPEC, and yes even $QUIL will do that for me. πŸ’―

Crypto Rover

$KAS can easily pull a 23x from here...


$KAS will hit $10 one day


$KAS is going to $0.500. Do not get left behind.


5 altcoins to keep an eye on and potential prices: 1. $XCHNG - potential $8 2. $RIO - potential $32 3. $PROPS - potential $5 4. $AZERO - potential $10 5. $KAS - potential $1 What do you think?


So, $KAS is going to surpass $ewt even on net zero emissions and renewable energy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

KASpartan 𐀊

$ALPH is on fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ 2x within 2 days... $KAS is still my top holding.


Attention Kaspa Enthusiasts! Missed out on the exclusive full silver #Kaspa coins by @xemo89 ? No worries, let's focus on the future! We’re eager to hear your ideas. What do you think is the next innovation for Kaspa? Tag your friends and share your thoughts with us πŸ’‘ $KAS #KRC20

Travladd Crypto

Significant $KAS move to the upside very close. @KaspaCurrency People won’t understand how advanced Kaspa is until it explodes again in their faces.

Our Crypto Talk

THE PUMP OF YOUR DREAMS IS LOADING πŸš€ Best time to buy the dip : Last week Second best time to buy : Today $RNDR , $TRIAS below 10 $RIO , $NAKA under $2 $KAS below 20 cents $OCTA in single digits $DIONE < 1 cents And more...πŸ’Ž Still not buying? NGMI πŸ“ˆ TECHNICAL ASPECT OF THE CHART As we take...

𝐂𝐫𝐲𝐩𝐭𝐨 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞π₯𝐲𝐭𝐞

@saylor @worshipbitcoin #Kaspa is a superpower then , $KAS has risen 800x against btc , check it here

KaspaFacts 𐀊

286 views in a day while most of my posts are 1k+ Only seems to happen on post that mention B i t c o i n, weird. #Kaspa $KAS #KRC20 Here is a Kaspa comparison to the coin that cannot be named.

Moβ‚Ώerg 'Mo' 𐀊

The reason the likes of $TAO, $KAS, and $QUIL do so well, is because the community had a chance to become committed and emotionally invested stakeholders at an early stage, which normally is a privilege of VCs only. These people work daily to grow their investment. It's organic as opposed to...

Davinci Jeremie

Patience PAYS OFF! πŸ’Ž


Find the difference, exactly, one is from 2023 and the other is from the current year, 2024. πŸ‘€ $KAS #Kaspa


Dominance of #Kaspa forming a bullish pattern, it's amazing how $KAS is inevitable. KAS.D - 4H πŸ‘€ πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ


Recently Kaspa Industrial Initiative launched. Everyone by now knows about its chairman, Paul Van Son & his massive resume. But no one is talking about it's board members with massive experience in DePIN, Gaming sectors, RWA tokenisation. $KAS is in real The Endgame. #Kaspa

Crypto Galaxy

2024 end of year predictions: $KAS 5x $PEPE 6x $BRETT 7x $WOLF 12x $HOPPY 25x My next VIP gem 40x

KaspaFacts 𐀊

Another 10M-15M USD in CapEx into securing #Kaspa in the last 24 hours. Miners continue betting big that $KAS price will continue to rise.

Dan Plants

Kaspa is going to pump. I have buys in on Solona. #Crypto #KASPA #BitcoinBreakout

SHAZAM 𐀊 Kaspa Kas 𐀊

#Kaspa has reached the hashrate of 500 PH/s πŸš€

Jim, S𐀊i β‚Ώum ⛷️

Looks like @Davincij15 was fudding $KAS and accumulating, just as I suspected He just posted another video shilling $KAS Often times people try and FUD price lower *when they are buying*

About Kaspa

What Is KASPA (KAS)?

Kaspa is a proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrency which implements the GHOSTDAG protocol. Unlike traditional blockchains, GHOSTDAG does not orphan blocks created in parallel, rather allows them to coexist and orders them in consensus. The Kaspa blockchain is actually a blockDAG. This generalization of Nakamoto consensus allows for secure operation while maintaining very high block rates (currently one block per second, aiming for 10/sec, dreaming of 100/sec) and minuscule confirmation times dominated by internet latency.

The Kaspa implementation includes a lot of cool features such as Reachability to query the DAG's topology, Block data pruning (with near-future plans for block header pruning), SPV proofs, and later subnetwork support which will make future implementation of layer 2 solutions much easier.

Who Are the Founders of Kaspa?

Kaspa was envisioned by R&D company DAGLabs, through investment by PolyChain.

Nonetheless, Kaspa is a community project, completely open source, no central governance, and no business model.

The founder is Yonatan Sompolinsky, Postdoc CS at Harvard University on the MEV Research Team.

Yonatan's 2013 paper on Ghost protocol is cited in the Ethereum Whitepaper.

Kaspa core developers and contributors include Cryptography Doctoral student Shai Wyborski, CS Master Michael Sutton, Mike Zak CS Undergrad Studies, Cryptography researcher Elichai Turkel, and Developer Ori Newman - all of whom contributed immensely to the implementation and stabilization of the network.

What Makes Kaspa Unique?

Kaspa is unique in its ability to support high block rates while maintaining the level of security offered by proof-of-work environments. Kaspa’s current main net operates at 1 block per second. Down the road, core developers and researchers will work on stretching the capability to the limitsβ€”think 10 or even 100 blocks per second.

Kaspa also includes a unique monetary policy which decreases emissions geometrically over time based on the 12-note scale of music. Known as the chromatic phase - this policy activated May 7th 2022 with a block reward of 440 KAS. The block reward will be halved once per year, but smoothly: every month, the block reward is reduced by a factor of (1/2)^(1/12). This means that the ratio of block rewards in consecutive months is exactly the same as the ratio of frequencies of two consecutive semitones in a tempered chromatic scale. The initial block reward is the frequency of the note A4, and every averaged year is hence called an octave.

Note that the policy dictates how many coins are minted per second regardless of the block rate. Should Kaspa change the block rate in the future, the reward will be adjusted accordingly to maintain the same emission rate.

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Find out more about Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) on the CMC Glossary page.

Want to keep track of Kaspa prices live? Download the CoinMarketCap mobile app!

Want to convert Kaspa price today to your desired fiat currency? Check out CoinMarketCap exchange rate calculator.

How Many Kaspa (KAS) Coins Are There in Circulation?

There are around 8.5 billion KAS in circulation as of June 2022.

How Is the Kaspa Network Secured?

Kaspa network is secured by miners through Proof of Work and uses an algo known as k-Heavyhash.

Heavyhash was chosen for forward-compatibility with Photonic miners when they became available.

Where Can You Buy Kaspa (KAS)?

At the time of writing, Kaspa is available on exchanges like CoinEx, MEXC, TxBit and TradeOgre.

  • Name: Kaspa
  • Symbol: KAS
  • Started At: 6/1/2022
  • Mineable
  • DAG
  • PoW
  • Store Of Value
  • Polychain Capital Portfolio
  • Layer 1