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Sentiment score is 33 out of 100, and it's based on the popularity of the coin on social media platforms. Superform have total followers of 126876 on Twitter.

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Complete the tasks to qualify for potential airdrops and rewards. Follow step-by-step instructions and track task updates and statuses to become one of the potential recipients of the Superform Airdrop.

Reward Type nft Status confirmed

Activity Types Bounty Platforms, Liquidity Reward Date TBD

Tasks and activities for Superform
open Type: Bounty Platforms

1. Go to the Galxe and connect your wallet (or social account).

2. Complete tasks and earn points:


open Available from: 5/9/2024 Type: Liquidity

Deposit through Superform, earn XP, collect SuperFrens NFTs & multiply your XP by placing well in each Safari Tournament.



Tournaments last up to 30 days with six tournaments in Season One. Tournament One will begin May 9th at 14:00 UTC. At the conclusion of the season there will be a pre-announced snapshot that assesses your tournament XP for each tournament and multiplies your XP based on the highest SuperFren tier you hold for each tournament.


Holding a SuperFren multiplies your XP. The multiplier is determined by the tier of the SuperFren. At the end of each tournament, you can place into seven possible tiers. You qualify for the SuperFren of the maximum tier earned and all the levels below it. E.g. if you place in Gold tier you have the right to mint one Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze SuperFren. SuperFrens are ERC-1155s deployed on Base and can be sold, traded, or forged depending on your goals. They have seven tiers:

Ethereal = rank 1 (x10)
Mythic = rank 2 - 10 (x6)
Diamond = rank 11 - 50 (x4).
Onyx = Rank 51 - 250 (x3)
Gold = Rank 251 - 1250 (x2.5)
Sliver = Rank 1251 - 6250 (x2.25)
Bronze = Rank 6251 - 31250 (x2)

SuperFrens can be forged into a higher tier if you have five SuperFrens of the same type and tier. You can earn a maximum of one SuperFren per tier, per tournament, so you will have to acquire SuperFrens on secondary markets in order to take advantage of The Forge. The forging process will burn five SuperFrens of the same type and tier to mint one SuperFren of the next highest tier.



1. Go to the website and connect your wallet:


2. Open the "Explore" tab and select the pool to which you want to add liquidity:


3. Open the bag, click "Select your funding token" and make a deposit:


4. Click on the "Safari" tab. Here you can mint Superfrens, track your progress, and forge rarer NFTs: